Verse app for sending money: definitely barter was left behind


Mankind is the only species on the planet that makes conscious transactions in which a product or service is exchanged with another representing the acknowledged. But no matter how many ways humanity has paid through times, Verse app: pay friends by mobile should be established as a new system of doing it.

In general, the price symbolized by merchandise or facility received has to be agreed among the parties, or preferably maintained by a social pact. But in our culture the legal tender does not really have the number it represents, but it is a symbol of the acquired commitment, and which is endorsed by society and its official bodies.

The first deal historically accepted was a barter of an article by another. It was simple, but nevertheless with numerous complications because what for a person is very valuable, may not be for a different one. And even, what is a treasure at a moment; next day can be trash, depending on the circumstances.

For this reason, barter, although intuitive, was replaced everywhere by other means of payment. History has reflected diverse manners of doing so, almost all around products that reflect intrinsic worth, as is the case of precious metal. These minerals have long been considered the benchmark for prizing values.

But its scarcity has again led to the search for alternatives. What we commonly know is that they are stored and protected as a foundation. And then they are represented with cheaper metals or furthermore using a special material known as paper money.

The arrival of advanced technologies has taken commercial trades to a virtual space in which operations do not require a physical give-and-take, but rather, information is transmitted to the financial entities so that they can transfer them between accounts involved.

This novel scheme for payments has been reinforced by the development of computer applications that seek to reassure the confidence in profitable relations.

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