Unravel the amazing city of Granada


Granada is a gem in southern Spain. Situated in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, this place is rich with Moorish Heritage and offers you the a lot of things to do. From amazing attractions to old heritage, Granada has it all. Explore this beautiful city at your leisure. Do so more efficiently by renting a car and see those nooks and corners that remain hidden otherwise. You could pick up a rental car from the airport itself. Being near to the city’s center, it is ideal and convenient to have a pickup point at the airport, se more here: https://www.autospain.co.uk/en-granada-airport/. Make sure not to enter prohibited areas as a heavy fine is imposed for the same. Ring roads circulating the city makes navigation a bit tricky. It is advised to carry your International Driver’s Permit. Many driving routes in Granada are toll-free, making it a perfect choice for those memorable road trips.

Behold the architecture

The Alhambra is a palace, castle, summer haven, and enclosed town all in one whimsical place. Spend a day, enthralled by the royal chambers, serene courtyards, and divine renaissance and Moorish palaces. Palace tours are a thing in Granada. Tours here include a walk through the Generalife Gardens as well as a local tour guide discussion about the history of the palace. Built on top of Granada’s mosque, Granada Cathedral is Spain’s second-largest cathedral. The foundations are gothic though the main structure and interior are from the renaissance. To soak up the brilliance of this holy place, stand in the main chapel and lift your gaze to the stained glass windows, sculptures, and paintings on the sides.

Wander in Carmen de Los Martires Gardens

Wander in Granada’s one of the most attractive and green spaces. Carmen de Los Martires Gardens are bedecked with beautiful flowers, small ponds, and magical leafy paths. They are in their full glory in spring and summer. To be at Granada’s most romantic point, climb up the spiral staircase of a fairytale tower in the middle of this oasis.

Hike to Sacromonte

Sacromonte is the neighborhood situated on the precipitous slopes of Valparaíso amid pines and cactuses. Upon strolling past the dwellings, one might observe that no two cave houses are the same. They are similar in design yet unique. A hike to Sacromonte is highly recommended as you will get to see the best views of Granada from the top. You also get the chance to dive into that Bohemian Granada life! Oh, and there is even a bar for you to chill and have a drink. 

Stroll in the Sierra Nevada

This national park has the highest peaks in Iberia and a ski resort. You can have a pleasant stroll here, put on your hiking shoes and do some exploring of your own or go off swimming. This may very well become your favorite place to be in Granada.

Enjoy in Parque de la Ciencias

Post observing and absorbing the historic charm of this place; one may need a change of scenario. Parque de la Ciencias (science park) will provide you just that. This science park has various installations and exhibitions for you to appreciate. To enjoy some shows and have a bit of fun, head to the Planetarium, which puts on shows throughout the day using 110 mirrors to project 7,000 stars onto the screen. Now that is a magical experience you wouldn’t miss!

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