The capital of Denmark is noted for being a model city in the world, which offers its inhabitants and visitors a high quality of life and social welfare, due to how quiet and orderly it can become. It also has a deep-rooted culture of environmental conservation. It can become your next destination so that you can enjoy and disconnect from some well-deserved days for example in the next most beautiful season of the year: Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This European city, where the bicycle is the main means of public transport used by locals and strangers that can be seen circulating through many of its picturesque neighborhoods, is undoubtedly a capital that receives a large number of tourists annually and who seek to stay in the most charmingdesign hotels Copenhagen

The main Danish city located in the coastal islands of Selandia and Amager conserves different areas with unique and very defined particularities. These are special places in this beautiful city where people like to get lost and enjoy a walk, either through its streets or parks, these spaces are very emblematic for visitors.

Copenhagen. situated in the frame of a country with high standards of coexistence allows to find really extraordinary lodgings for those who like the true comfort while of this trip of pleasure or business.

6 Iconic places of the Danish capital

The main places that are in Copenhagen and that, you can not fail to visit when strolling through this European metropolis whether you travel by train, taxi or bus are as follows:

1. The Gardens of Tivoli

It is one of the oldest parks on the planet, (behind Bakken, which is also in Denmark) because its opening dates back to 1843. Tivoli has all the attractions of a traditional mechanical park. There is no shortage of roller coasters, bumper cars, carousels, among other attractions. Undoubtedly, a place that will make a very different day, both small and old.

2. Rådhuspladsen

This place gathers certain spaces of great importance for the city and that are the delight of its visitors like The City Hall of Copenhagen, The Fountain of the Dragon and The sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen.

3. Stroget Street

It is said that this street is the longest and busiest in Europe and that in its path are world-renowned establishments such as LEGO, historic and iconic Danish places, as well as bars to enjoy the nightlife of Copenhagen.

4. Palace of ChistiansBorg

Located on the islet of Slotsholmen, the majestic Palace is currently the seat of the Danish Parliament, and one of the favourite places for tourists visiting Copenhagen.

5. Royal Library

Like the Palace of ChistiansBorg, the largest library in the Nordic countries is located on the islet of Slotsholmen, and the visitor is ecstatic at the magnanimous structure.
Of course, although there are many more things to see in the capital of Denmark, we wanted to bring for you the highlights that you can not miss if you are lucky enough to walk the incredible city of Copenhagen.

6. The Little Mermaid

This is the most visited monument in Denmark, dating from 1913. It stands on a rock in the Langelinie Park with dimensions that barely exceed the meter is inspired by the famous tale of Andersen, and created by the sculptor Edvard Eriksen

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