Exercises for women during quarantine


Including exercises at home with women sport clothing is a good option to feel better. Let’s see what to do to avoid gaining weight during quarantine.

Sport clothing for women

Sport clothing for women

Spending so many days at home can most likely cause people to gain weight. To avoid this, it is advisable to do a series of exercises and to make it more attractive you should use women sport clothing.

This may be the smartest way to trick the brain into quarantining, so don’t knock it. Creating a routine at an appropriate time makes for a daily purpose. It can be varied with various exercises during the week, as well as family members can be included, as a way of bonding.

Benefits of home exercise

In addition, to being ideal for strengthening muscles and joints, they are the ideal activity for releasing tension while the brain secretes endorphins, which is the happiness hormone. Psychologically, it also acts as an antidepressant, since it keeps the body active, increasing self-esteem, relieves anxiety, decreases stress, and reduces cognitive impairment.

Some effective exercises to do at home

To generate well-being and have a daily purpose you can vary the following exercises. It is important that you rest, at least 1 day, so that your muscles do not atrophy. Among the most prominent are: 



These are effective in working the leg muscles. If it is done with more pressure and when you put your feet facing outwards you can work the abductors, which are the muscles of the crotch.

Doing 3 sets of repetitions of 20 can be the best way to start a routine. It all depends on the capacity of each person, but if you consider that it is a lot, with 3 series of 10 it is a great start.

Also, hand weights of 5 pounds or less can be added to intensify exercise. They are held in the hands and as the squat is lowered they are brought to the front and the shoulders are worked on.


It is a good unilateral exercise to develop the strength of the legs separately and gain tonicity equally in both extremities. In order to avoid injuries, it is advisable to do the exercises properly. For example, you should put your back straight and your feet together.

To execute the displacement, the knee must be kept positioned before the toe. The leg that goes backwards is placed in a straight line with a slight curvature as if you wanted to reach the floor.

Push ups
Push ups

Push ups

To work the upper body, the push-ups are very effective and easy to perform. If you have never done this exercise before, it is best to do it gradually. First you should do a few repetitions and change the position of your feet.

For beginners, it is better to put your knees on the floor and perform the exercise with less impact. In order to gain resistance you can do it with your feet on the ground leaving your body suspended with the support of your arms.

In addition to these, you can jump rope, do sit-ups, shadow-boxing. It is important to do a warm-up routine to avoid injuries. Also, at the end you should stretch each muscle, at least 3 minutes.

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