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It is never too late to choose the next destination too see for your holiday, no matter you are travelling with your life partner, with your children or with your friends. Flying above the cities with a hot air balloon has become one of the most appreciated touristic activities lately. For a short description of this mesmerizing activity, there is suitable to say that you have the possibility to feel the thrill pf a lifetime flying with them. By choosing to fly in the balloons over Bagan, we can assure you will drift to the skies with a colorful balloon and have an unforgettable experience.

Being popular for all of these 100 ancient temples and stupas that had been build some past decades ago, this city has nowadays become crowded by tourists who want to come here and have this flying experience right above the roof of the buildings. The only thing you need to do in order to plan your flight is to check our official MyanMarvels website and see which offer is the most suitable for you and the rest of the passengers travelling with you.

The ballooning season starts from October to 10th of April because the cold air breeze in the mornings and in the evenings allow the balloons to float freely right near the roof of temples and offer you some breathtaking views. According to this, you should choose the visiting date and time into this interval and take into consideration that it’s a pity to visit Bagan only by foot, on not from the above. Usually the hot air trips will take place at sunrise or at evenings and this will benefit a lot all of the passionate photographers who come here to take some of their best shots due to the warm light on that period of the day.

Balloon flights have a strict schedule and are usually make by 4 flight operators who are well trained to provide the most comfortable experience for all of the tourists choosing us. Having a good reputation supported by the positive feedback of the past clients, our business has become more and more popular as the time passed. This is the reason why you should truly book In advance your next balloon flight, because the spots are filling up really quickly.

Aiming to offer you the best experience in your life, we can assure our tourists that we care about your safety and the past of the company has a historic of having more than 2000 hot air flights with over 20 000 passengers every year.

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