Why you should visit La Romana


La Romana is a city in the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean coast and is a well-known gateway to nearby tourist areas because of its incredible location. Traveling to La Romana will be an incredible experience full of ancient and contemporary art, submarine adventures in crystalline waters, strolls on idyllic beaches and in rainforests, underground surprises, and frenetic nights with a lot of fun.

If you’re wondering about the name of this beautiful destination, well, La Romana receives its name from an old Roman weighing scale used to weight goods in the port and which belonged to an Italian family.

Due to La Romana is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Dominican Republic, its main economic activities are tourism, industry, and trade which makes La Romana the second richest city in the country.

The main reason of its economic development is tourism, as the many attractions and wonderful tourist infrastructures in the area, helped La Romana to become one of the most popular destinations not only in the Caribbean but in the whole world, and because of that the best hotels in the Dominican Republic are there, so you will find without a problem a nice, all-inclusiveLa Romana beach resort.

Some of the most incredible places to visit in the city are of course, The Obelisk, which depicts hand-made paintings from all the people who live in La Romana.

Another beautiful attraction for you to visit is The Santa Rosa de Lima Church, this church began as a hermitage at the hands of the priest J.W. Connor in 1914 in honor of Santa Rosa de Lima, first saint who became patron of Peru, the New World and the Philippines, before even being canonized.

Other visits we recommend are Central Park, Rotonda Park or monument to the Bible, Casa de Campo, Altos de Chavón, Bayahibe and the East National Park.

On the Chavón River there’s this recreated Mediterranean village of the sixteenth century called Altos de Chavón, which has artists workshops, here you will have the opportunity to contemplate a glimpse of the traditional lives of the people who lives here in La Romana.

To the south of the city we have Catalina Island, with beaches and coral reefs are something that will take your breath away.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, the shipwreck of the pirate ship William Kidd will maintain you entertain, you can literally dive into the ship and try to find some treasures.

La Romana is the perfect place to start a new adventure, visit this amazing location and learn why people who came to the Dominican Republic don’t wanna leave. 

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